I would love to see more proffesional looking charmed videos on this wiki instead of the basic slideshows.. There is a large and great charmed community on youtube and they make amazing videos, and there is plenty of great videos to chose from (Trailers, Music Videos, opening credits) I think we should combine the two communitys and give awesome vidders some recognition. Being that I am a part of both communitys, I just want to make the people on here realize there are better videos on youtube that we can vote for every month than the slideshows that I am seeing on here all the time. It will make the wiki look much more proffesional. I'm not saying never have a slideshow or something similar to that again, It's just that these people put alot of effort into making videos and deserve recognition which is what they will get becuase this is basically the main charmed site on the internet (due to the closure of I will put a list of some of the best vidders in the community below...

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