In regards to one of my previous posts, I like to tell you about my original characters in case I decide to use the blogs to write a fanfic series.

  • Alex Martin: Alex is a half-witch half-demon who is a student at Magic School. Because he is half-demon, the other students pick on him. Alex believes that demons and witches should put aside their differences and become friends.
  • Sally Clarks: Sally is a witch who is Alex's only friend in Magic School. She agrees with him about demons and witches becoming friends.
  • Oko: Oko is a Demonic Bounty Hunter who is half-human and makes a living by hunting down other demon as the world's first 'Good Demonic Bounty Hunter'. He is also a fan of Devil May Cry which inspired him to take the job.
  • Patrick Banks: Patrick is a warlock turned good who is Oko's informant. He usually gives Oko the low down on the demon he is after. He is also responsible for all of Oko's gadgets and weapons.
  • Taylor "Talor" Banks: Taylor (or Talor as he likes to be called) is Patrick's younger brother. Unlike his Patrick, Talor chooses to remain evil and thinks his brother is weak for choosing good. He intends to raise the warlock community's status in the Underworld by trying to impress Zankou.
  • Tadd  Morrow: Tadd Morrow is a tabloid reporter from New York who tries to prove the existence of magic to make himself famous. But this distracts him from what really matters most in his life: his son.
  • Tadd Morrow Jr.: Tadd Jr. is Tadd Sr.'s son. He is a future Wightlighter. He is often upset about his father choosing work over him. He is also trying to hide the existence of magic from his father at the request of his mother.
  • Sherry Morrow: Sherry is Tadd's ex-wife and Tadd Jr.'s mother. She is a Wightlighter. Because her husband found out she's a Wightlight is what lead Tadd to try and find the existence of magic in the first place. She asked her son to keep him from doing so.
  • Prof. Borris Shadowcast: Borris is the Advance Potions teacher at Magic School. He is also Sherry's charge and boyfriend. Borris is very friendly and, like Alex and Sally, also believes in a world where demons and witches are friends.
  • Kate Valdez: Kate is a witch with destructive powers. She is not very fond of having destructive and would rather use her powers to create.
  • Mr. Valdez: Mr. Valdez is Kate's father. He also has destructive powers and a bad temper to boot.
  • Prof. Mills: Prof. Mills is the Magical Combat teacher at Magic School. Prof. Mills is very hard and even cruel to his students. If they make even one mistake, he would wack them with a willow vine until they bleed which is usually frond upon by Leo. It could be because of a 'secret schedule'.
  • Mrs. Mills: Mrs. Mills is Prof. Mills' wife and assistant. Like her husband, she is very hard and cruel to the students. It could be because of a 'secret schedule'.
  • Dom Mills: Dom is Prof. and Mrs. Mills' son. Unlike his cruel parents, Dom is nice and is more interested in healing magic than fighting. He also believes in a world where demons and witches are friends. He also has a small crush on Kate.
  • Karl Castle: Karl is a teenage wiccan practitioner who would do anything to use the real thing. He believe people with real magic can do whatever they want. He'll do whatever it takes to gain real magic. Even dealing with demons.
  • Mr. Castle: Mr. Castle is Karl's father. He is a wiccan practitioner who owns a shop. He is worried for his son.
  • Uncle Castle: He is Karl's uncle and Mr. Castle's brother. He is also a wiccan practitioner.
  • Frank Morris: Frank is Inspector Morris' nephew. He doesn't know that magic exists.
  • Prof. Hardtree: Prof. Hardtree is the Divination teacher at Magic School. He is worried for his son who wanted to attend a normal school. He is very skilled in Divination and, like Phoebe, also has Precognition. Because of this, he is one of her biggest fans and has cutouts of her advice column.
  • Peter Hardtree: Peter is Prof. Hardtree's son. He chooses to attend a normal high school so he could join the U.S. Air Force. Like his father, Peter is very skilled in Divination and carries around a Tarot deck. Peter also has Aerokinesis and Flying powers which he uses to get himself off the ground. Peter loves flying, hights, and being in the sky and can't stand being on the ground. This is what gave him the idea to join the U.S. Air Force.
  • Teri Rooks: Teri is a witch who can pass through solid objects. She meets Peter at school and has a crush on him. Teri is the only witch in her family and is often scolded by her older siblings for it.
  • Madison Pettis : Madison is an American actress who Peter and Teri meet at Piper's resturant while she was having launch there.
  • Jim Crooks: Jim is a witch turned warlock do to him suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • Tim Crooks: Tim is a witch and Jim's younger brother. He is first one to be killed and has his powers taken by Jim.
  • Finn Crooks: Finn is a witch and Jim and Tim's youngest brother.
  • Mike Crooks: Mike is Jim's, Tim's, and Finn's father. He is a witch just like his sons. He blames himself for Jim's bipolar disorder.
  • Finn's friend: He is a witch who's friends with Finn.
  • Mya: Mya is a very powerful demon from the Myan period. She tried to kill a witch, but she fell in love with him and decided not to kill him. When the Elders turned him into stone, Mya tried to destroy them for it. But she got turned to stone herself.
  • Mya's lover: He was a witch from the Myan period. Mya tried to kill him, she fell in love with him and decided not to kill him. He also fell in love with Mya and tried to find a way to turn her human. When the Elders found out, they took this as an act of treason and turned him to stone.

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