Any thoughts about who the killer will be? I'm thinking it could be either Charlie (Rory Culkin), Trevor Seldon (Nico Tortorella) or possibly Detective Hoss (Adam Brody); I think it could be Trevor who is the killer because he is Jill's ex-boyfriend - just like Billy Lumis in Scream 1 was the ex of Sidney. Jill is like the new Sidney, she is the main character so it makes sense that the killer would be someone close to her. Trevor is the one on the right in the below pic - notice the red and black stripped sweater as well - reminds me of Freddy Kruger. My reasoning for saying Adam Brody could be the killer is because in "Jennifer's Body" he was an evil band member who killed Jennifer. But it is more likely one of Jill's "friends" is the killer, one of them will probably end up being related to one of the killers from a past Scream movie.

Nico tortorella scream4 cast

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