I know there are a lot of blogs that ask what powers do you think the Charmed Ones will develop however this time I'm going to ask the same and why would they develop it?

For example:Prue developed Astral Projection as an advancement of Telekinesis, she could move things with her mind now she could move her mind out of her body.

In my opinion Phoebe's powers will advance to:Premonition will grow to Kyra's level wich is logical do the fact Phoebe is one of the most powerful physic, Levitation will advance to flight wich she proved she will obtain while she was in the limbo, and well obviously her empathy will grow in power and range.

Piper will develop Molecular Inhibition if she can accelerate the molecules to the point they heat and burn she will be able to deccelerate the molecules to the point they freeze to absolute zero and in the future just like one of her ancestors she could develop Temporal Stasis.

Paige could develop deflection any Warren With posses it it could be an advancement of her shielding and telekinetic powers, and maybe another offensive power she really needs one.

Prue's advancements are already known: cloning and havokinesis but may be she could develop projection if she can project her mind outside of her body why not her thoughts.

After all I still think Piper is the most powerful even more than Prue.

Feel free to comment.

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