After the rude message from FANaticyeah I wanted to clarify why I locked the Charmed Ones' articles.

When I saw that information was being erased from the articles for no reason, I saw that it were the references. Then I saw that it were the ref tags, that had been erased. I scrolled down to see that the references had all disappeared or like on Phoebe's article, there was no reference box anymore.

Let me tell you that I worked hard on both Piper and Paige's article. Rewriting their articles was hard, especially when I know that I'm not the best at grammar and spelling. Also, LeonardoWyatt worked very hard on Prue's article, I think it was Superlana, who did her absolute best to rewrite Phoebe's article. Please respect what me and other editors do on here.

I understand and respect people who go through long texts to correct the grammar and spelling, I'm glad such people exist. But I cannot stand people who erase information, coding, or anything else just for the fun of it.

So when I saw that both Paige and Phoebe's articles were messed up, I immediately locked them from everyone and checked Piper and Prue's articles. Luckily they were fine, but still, I decided to lock them. This way, the admins could fix all the mistakes without anyone bothering us.

All I want to say is, dear editors of the Charmed Wiki, please understand that when we lock articles, it's not because we think it's fun. It's because we have to protect those articles from spam, vandalism, foul language, etc.

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