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  • PerryPeverell

    Thought I'd share this here on the wikia, since almost all of my other Charmed-communities pretty much went dead :p

    It's been two years since my last video and even longer since I last made a Charmed opening (in Charmed style). Recently I found some files of stuff I was working on including a remake of my Charmed Witches opening (original can be found here:

    A brief history: Charmed Witches was a fan-fiction written by me, about nine years ago, in which Prue survives and Paige does not exist. Anyway, I found the project, got inspired and decided to finish it.

    Please leave a comment about what you like (and/or dislike) and enjoy!

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  • PerryPeverell

    The Mortal page

    December 30, 2014 by PerryPeverell

    The page on Mortals needs a lot of editing. First of all, mortals are not only humans without magical abilities, it are all beings who are subject to death (hence mortal and immortal).

    Now, I do realize that the show often misused the term but we really need to rewrite that entire article.

    Anyone up for it?

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  • PerryPeverell

    After the rude message from FANaticyeah I wanted to clarify why I locked the Charmed Ones' articles.

    When I saw that information was being erased from the articles for no reason, I saw that it were the references. Then I saw that it were the ref tags, that had been erased. I scrolled down to see that the references had all disappeared or like on Phoebe's article, there was no reference box anymore.

    Let me tell you that I worked hard on both Piper and Paige's article. Rewriting their articles was hard, especially when I know that I'm not the best at grammar and spelling. Also, LeonardoWyatt worked very hard on Prue's article, I think it was Superlana, who did her absolute best to rewrite Phoebe's article. Please respect what me and other editors…

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  • PerryPeverell


    September 11, 2011 by PerryPeverell

    I saw these info boxes on the and I love them. They are also used on the Harry Potter wiki. So I'm just trying this infobox out. And I actually quite like it. What do you all think?

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  • PerryPeverell

    RIP David Hoover

    September 6, 2011 by PerryPeverell

    Guys, this is very sad news :'(

    R.I.P. David Hoover

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