• Padraig O'Sullivan

    According to the novels and here there might have been one or two boys in the family before Wyatt and Chris but in the show Wyatt was the first male ever born in the family.

    In the novels and here as well there might have been 3 or 4 sisters in one or two generations but in the show Patty was the first female in her family to have only 4 daughters.

    It is all confusing and could someone explain it to me.

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  • Padraig O'Sullivan

    The Family Line

    February 24, 2011 by Padraig O'Sullivan

    I came across an article on Wikipedia about Melinda Warren which says that she was the Charmed Ones 5 times X Great Grandmother.

    Here is the family line that I think it is:

    Melinda; Prudence; Cassandra; Unknown, P. Baxter, Penny, Patty, The Charmed Ones.

    Do you think this looks correct.

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