Hello all! I'm making a Charmed series that continues off from the season 3 finale All Hell Breaks Loose. But instead of Prue dying, Phoebe is the one who dies at the hands of the Source of All Evil. Prue and Piper mourn the death of their younger sister and at the same time, have to save their new half-sister Paige.

This series will not be that close to the original season 4. Beyond the first few episodes, the series takes it's own path. Prue and Piper will try to teach Paige their craft as they try to lead their own lives. Besides Phoebe's death, the sisters deal with other issues in their lives. Some of their issues are below.

Prue: She deals with deciding if she should let anyone else in her life and also deals with her prideful nature.

Piper: She tries to lead a normal life with Leo, but will her life really be better off without magic? Also, she tries to figure out if club P3 is really what she wants to have.

Paige: She has to deal with having sisters now and finding her place within the Halliwell family.

As you may be able to tell, this series will be a great read and is very interesting. Read on to see if Prue, Piper, and Paige will prove to be the most powerful witches of all time!

The link is:

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