Ok, first of all, this is not to start a feud (as if I'd have to anyway) this is just my opinion on something that I believe is getting out of control on this wiki. I recently found a page called 'Power Homology' and with all due respect to the writer, the scientific definition is correct, but seriously why are we making this wiki so complicated. Telekinesis is now a form of channeling, Apportation is now a form of Power Homology. Fire throwing is of course pyrogenism and at this rate I don't see why energy balls shouldn't be Electrokinetic Spheres! It's one thing when we come up with a fancy name to fill a gap, but when a name is given in the series, why would we make it harder to understand and disregard a canonical title? KhanWiz, I appreciate that you have final say, I simply think that on Charmed Wiki it is ridiculous not to use names from the show and urge you to bring this wiki back to being accurate to what is said in the series.

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