I was wondering if there were any episodes or storylines that people thought had potential to be used as bigger storyarchs rather than 1 episode stories.

The first one for me was Barbas. I loved the character and it was good to see him come back on a few occasions, but I was actually suprised that with him being so powerful and so popular, he wasn't made the central big bad for a season. Rather than taking Cole's powers I would have liked to see what Barbas would have been like had he managed to kill 13 witches and perhaps become one of the Charmed Ones' hardest enemies to defeat.

Secondly, "Hulkus Pocus". It wasn't my favorite episode, but the idea behind it was good. I remember when I first read the summary: "The sisters discover that the government has accidentally created a virus that puts the entire magical community at risk"... I expected it to be the start of the main storyarch for the last season. A virus threatening the existence of everything magical! It could have been epic and I was sad to see it finished with one episode, the story just seemed too big for 40 mins, it didn't have the impact I was expecting. I think it would've been a great storyarch for the 8th season.

So how about you guys, any stories you wish we'd seen more of? :)

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