Hey guys, a while a go someone did a blog post about who they imagined the season 9 characters would be played by in real life. I did a vid to update my choices on who I imagne in the roles. I didn't chose them all to be look-a-likes, it's more who I imagine fitting the character...but I have used the illustrations as a guide obviously. I particularly hope you like my choices for Neena and Patience, I thought about it a lot and had some other actresses in mind. For Neena, I wanted a woman with a darker skin tone, who was tall and looked around the same age as the sisters... I hope you like my choice. Also, my choice for Patience (she's near the end) has much longer hair than she is shown with in the comics, but I wanted an actress who was very attractive with a distinctive look and a presence about her... so again, hope you like my choice :P


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