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  • P3nathan

    The contestants of Hell's Kitchen cooked for two special guests. Elizabeth Perkins and our own Holly Marie Combs. 

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  • P3nathan

    Recasting Charmed

    November 13, 2013 by P3nathan

    I know we all love the Charmed cast, but the whole reboot talk got me thinking about who could play the Charmed ladies if it was rebooted. I specifically wondered who might play the sisters if it was remade in my country, England and I though these actresses might fit... bear in mind, I picked actresses I thought would fit the characters, not lookalikes for the originals. 

    So if you were to remake Charmed, either another American version or for another country, who would you cast?

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  • P3nathan

    Charmed as it Never Was

    August 5, 2013 by P3nathan

    After a long hiatus, Charmed as it Never Was has now returned. The latest episode of Charmed's alternate fourth season "Magic and Lyrics" is available to read. Links to all episodes are in the episode guide:

    Beware of spoilers if looking at other pages on the wiki. Pages are updated so that they're in line with the latest episodes.

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  • P3nathan

    An original season 8 advertisement, obviously made before Jason Lewis was hired to play Dex. Also seems the pics of Paige and Piper might be season 7 promos that we've never seen before! 

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  • P3nathan

    I finished a Charmed run through recently and as a result I've been thinking about season 8. I know it's been said hundreds of times by fans, but I can't help but be really dissapointed that: A) Leo only appears in half of it and B) Darryl doesn't appear in any of it. I find the Darryl bit more frustrating since we at least had Leo in some of it. When you look at the guest stars they brought back, I refuse to believe that Kern couldn't have incorperated Darryl into a storyline as a guest star. They could have easily brought him in to make a guest appearance in an episode like Run Piper Run or Payback's a Witch. Instead, look at who they did bring back! The first Source, who did little other than further screwing the show's continuity. "Ooo…

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