• Ozu Miyuki

    Okay. I'll be using this blog when I get random Charmed ideas into my heads. This isn't fanfic, more like weird things I noticed in the show.

    Alright, this one is on the BoS's protective powers. Okay, everyone knows the Book protects itself from evil, but it only seems to protect itself against demons, warlocks, and the like, not just evil in general. My thinking on this? Aunt Gayle and Gideon. Gayle was the first mortal to touch the Book of Shadows. And we know she wanted access to the Book to steal the girls' powers. But the Book didn't stop her. Same with Gideon. We see that he is actually evil through his appearences, and yet when he found the spell to pierce Wyatt's shield, the Book didn't stop him either. It's my belief the Book doesn…

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