I've noticed on a lot of different ancesterial Warren witches, that powers (and surnames) are given and although I feel I'm a pretty dedicated fan of Charmed, I can not place where this information has come from. If they are from the books (which I have not read), then they at least need to be cited (with a specific book title), especially since the books have been deemed "non-cannon." For example if you take the spell to call upon the Charmed Ones' ancesters all of those names have been described as having outrageous powers such as luring, cursing, enchanting, seduction, light darts, summoning, intangability, astral echo, holograms, etc..... It appears to me that these articles are becoming more and more fannon and are in crucial need of editing. Has anyone read all of the books? Can someone let me know if I've completely lost it or not? :) Nicknameguy 02:27, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

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