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Proper nouns

I don't really know how to put all this into words but proper nouns are really kind of the only parts of speech that should be capitalized (if not at the beginning of a sentence, or in a title, etc...). Now, I know the Book of Shadows has a huge tendency to capitalize pretty much everything and that's pretty cool but for a site like this (in my opinion) powers, rooms of the manor, "words like 'the,'" and a few others should not contain capital letters. I'd love to get everyone's opinions, for on the other hand, if we wanted to make this site appear like the Book of Shadows then maybe we should have powers and important locations capitalized. I'm just one user, but I'm a part English major and when my corrections are getting reverted by "A Wikia contributor" and different IP addresses it can get frustrating. I ask for your views Charmed wikia! :)

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