Bright white lights fell in a swirl from the roof as Sam and Patty orbed into the Church. The newborn baby bundled in a white blanket was clutched in Patty's arms as Sam's arms were wrapped around Patty. The two looked down the aisle and saw a young brunette nun staring back at them. She clutched her cross pendant in her hand as she whispered the words, "Oh my Lord."
"Help us," Patty sobbed.
Tears fell down Sam and Patty's faces and the nun rushed to assist them.
"What can I do," Sister Agnes asked.
Sam looked down at the baby girl and wiped away a tear. His face was stricken with grief but he forced the words out, "She's in danger."
The nun's eyes widened and she rubbed her necklace in between her fingers again. "What kind of danger?"
"Great danger. We have no other choice and no other way to protect her," Patty continued to cry. "Please help."
"What does she need?"
Sam and Patty looked at each other and said, "A home. A good home. A safe home."
Believing that two angels were standing right in front of her, Sister Agnes nodded her head and replied, "Of course."
She walked closer to the couple and held out her arms for the baby. Patty didn't move.
"Patty, let go," Sam urged. "We need to leave."
"Sam, I will miss her every single day of my life. I love you baby girl," Patty said as she handed over the baby into the nun's arms. Once her arms were free, Patty started to panic and the whole room froze. Every candle flame stood still as Sam and Sister Agnes stood petrified. The nun was staring down at the baby who started to cry.
Patty looked at Sam and motioned her hand towards him to reverse her power on him.
"Patty what are you doing," Sam questioned.
"Sam, I'm having second thoughts, this couldn't be too bad!"
"What part of 'unspeakable wrath' isn't bad," Sam pleaded. "Patty I know how you feel, I will miss her too, but this is our only option."
Sam wrapped his arms around Patty again the room unfroze as Sister Agnes stared back up to the couple. She looked back at the blanket around the baby and noticed the purple 'P'.
"What does the P stand for," the nun questioned.
"Her name, it must start with a P, that's my only request," Patty answered. "And to save her blanket for when she comes back looking."
"Yes and please keep our secret," Sam begged as he held Patty's hand. "Just until she comes back."
The nun smiled back down at the crying baby and when she went to face the couple they were already gone.

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