First off, I would like to say that after being gone for quite some time this site is so improved! congrats to everyone who's worked hard on it :) Secondly, I love the new comic books and it's great that they open up so many avenues of interpretation that debating about certain things is bound to happen. Now, it has reached my attention that Hogan's powers have become somewhat of a subject of interpretation. When I first read the comic "Innocents Lost" I was confused as to what was going on (perhaps, fireworks? or "pyrotechnics"?) down in the Ancient Burial Ground; however, after reading Volume One straight through it became evident that the power Hogan used was electrokinesis, stolen from Brent. Afterall, Hogan is described as a warlock, and getting back to Charmed's roots warlocks kill witches to steal their powers. My second reason for believing that it is Brent's power that Hogan displays is that when Neena and Hogan are about to distract the guardians of the Hollow, Hogan clearly says, "THEN WE CAN TRY OUT MY OTHER NEW POWER." Having read all of the comics together it just made sense that this new power was the recently collected power at the end of the previous issue. Now, I put on Hogan's talk page a poll that some may want to check out but if you do not get the chance to find it there you can also voice your opinions on this blog post. Thank you so much guys! Keep up the good work :) Nicknameguy 19:28, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

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