In my opinion, the infoboxes on the episode articles need to be editable. It makes it rather difficult to fix corrections when one has to go find the template through another article and fix it there when I kind of feel that they should be able to be fixed directly through the episode article. I love the idea of infoboxes, have always been voting for them, but they just need to be easier...and currently I'm not entirely sure how to fix this. So I need some help. An example of an infobox that I really like would be on "All Hell Breaks Loose." As of right now, I'm mainly concerned with the credits part and getting each performer the credit that is due. I like that there is a "Guest Stars" and a "Co-Stars" section and they are in an accurate order from the show. An example of the opposite of what I'm looking for would be "Still Charmed and Kicking." In this case, I refer back to the All Hell page by saying that the bullets, in my opinion, look neater. Maybe not? I'd love to hear everyone's ideas. Nicknameguy 11:52, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

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