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April 4, 2008
  • Nicknameguy

    Heyyy.....I made a really big change on this site and I definitely need to talk about it. I kind of updated the template for "infobox charmed character" and I think everyone will really like them! It's got a few differences from the last but most of everything is the same. If anyone knows how to make it more similar than by all means, be my guest :) But the biggest change with these infoboxes is that there are IF statements for every piece of information. SO, if a birthplace or death date, etc... is unknown or not added instead of seeing "" the row just wont show up. I'm really excited for this change and I hope everyone else is too. IMO, this will make our article pages look a whole lot more professional :) AWESOME!!!

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  • Nicknameguy

    Proper nouns

    April 5, 2011 by Nicknameguy

    I don't really know how to put all this into words but proper nouns are really kind of the only parts of speech that should be capitalized (if not at the beginning of a sentence, or in a title, etc...). Now, I know the Book of Shadows has a huge tendency to capitalize pretty much everything and that's pretty cool but for a site like this (in my opinion) powers, rooms of the manor, "words like 'the,'" and a few others should not contain capital letters. I'd love to get everyone's opinions, for on the other hand, if we wanted to make this site appear like the Book of Shadows then maybe we should have powers and important locations capitalized. I'm just one user, but I'm a part English major and when my corrections are getting reverted by …

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  • Nicknameguy

    Episode infoboxes

    April 3, 2011 by Nicknameguy

    In my opinion, the infoboxes on the episode articles need to be editable. It makes it rather difficult to fix corrections when one has to go find the template through another article and fix it there when I kind of feel that they should be able to be fixed directly through the episode article. I love the idea of infoboxes, have always been voting for them, but they just need to be easier...and currently I'm not entirely sure how to fix this. So I need some help. An example of an infobox that I really like would be on "All Hell Breaks Loose." As of right now, I'm mainly concerned with the credits part and getting each performer the credit that is due. I like that there is a "Guest Stars" and a "Co-Stars" section and they are in an acc…

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  • Nicknameguy
    Bright white lights fell in a swirl from the roof as Sam and Patty orbed into the Church. The newborn baby bundled in a white blanket was clutched in Patty's arms as Sam's arms were wrapped around Patty. The two looked down the aisle and saw a young brunette nun staring back at them. She clutched her cross pendant in her hand as she whispered the words, "Oh my Lord."
    "Help us," Patty sobbed.
    Tears fell down Sam and Patty's faces and the nun rushed to assist them.
    "What can I do," Sister Agnes asked.
    Sam looked down at the baby girl and wiped away a tear. His face was stricken with grief but he forced the words out, "She's in danger."
    The nun's eyes widened and she rubbed her necklace in between her fingers again. "What kind of danger?"
    "Great da…
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  • Nicknameguy

    Hogan's powers

    March 15, 2011 by Nicknameguy

    First off, I would like to say that after being gone for quite some time this site is so improved! congrats to everyone who's worked hard on it :) Secondly, I love the new comic books and it's great that they open up so many avenues of interpretation that debating about certain things is bound to happen. Now, it has reached my attention that Hogan's powers have become somewhat of a subject of interpretation. When I first read the comic "Innocents Lost" I was confused as to what was going on (perhaps, fireworks? or "pyrotechnics"?) down in the Ancient Burial Ground; however, after reading Volume One straight through it became evident that the power Hogan used was electrokinesis, stolen from Brent. Afterall, Hogan is described as a war…

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