In the episode where it showed her, it is indeed that she has molecular immobilization, if she had the power of deceleration, she wouldnt have looked surprised and would have tried to get away rather than sitting under Anton even as he was fighting it off. This is indeed proof that she had Molecular Immobilization. All witches before Piper had this, as for the quote of Melinda about each witch getting stronger, it is possible that the charmed ones are the only ones to get natural advancements being that they had hundreds if not thousands of years to prepare themselves to obtain their powers. It is indeed most likely that the reason no other witch has had molecular combustion, astral projection, and levitation is because they were not Charmed. That is my belief and it clarifys everything, it leads way for others to know that they sisters were the only ones to have not only all three powers at once, but to have them after every other witch before them has had them and has had the chance to evolve the power further in anticipation of the Charmed Ones. So i believe that every warren witch before them has had the same power untill the Charmed Ones were born for a reason. It makes sense that the witches would not have advancements like astral projection, etc.. because they were not yet ready. Evidence of this is how Brianna Warren had advanced telekinesis instead of astral projection and the others didnt get the same advancements. Do you agree Admin TheBook? I think it makes sense and for that This page should be taken off because its obvious she had Molecular Immobilization and not Decleleration. Well let me know your thoughts on my theory. And please no attitude. Nicholascarrera 05:10, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

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