Okay so this blog isn't exactly Charmed related, but I could definately use some other creative juices on my side. So as you guys know, I've mentioned a series I'm writing that includes witches/warlocks, etc. So I'll admit now I kinda jacked J.K.'s whole half-blood, pure-blood thing but in my series witches and warlocks are an offshoot species, though share the common ancestors of humanity, the Neanderthals. The witches and warlocks (Homo Magi) were just a seperate evolution. But even with that witches and humans are very closely related genetically speaking that when they interbreed, the offspring are not considered "hybrids" (because most witches and warlocks would be) so that comes with the whole half-blood/pure-blood blah blah blah. However in some rare occasions a witch or warlock is born to two humans (ex: Melinda Warren). But I need a special name to call these gifted beings. So guys help me out please, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Still working on it but if you guys want to come check out some of stuff I have my own wiki. It's still a work in progress but you can check out where I'm going with it all.

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