Back again! This will probably be my last blog post for a long while, but I was thinking about something as far as magic and powers.

Now when you start talking about other media regarding witches, they're mostly depicted as having infinite magical abilities, just raw power which they achieve feats like telekinesis, conjuration, you know the works.

Then you got other super-powered beings which really their abilities mostly come from some physiological/biological enhancement like superman's powers mostly come his physiological function to absorb sol into his body which charges his superhuman abilities.

But here in the Charmed-verse, witches (and other beings) have basic powers

Spellcasting: While truthfully not an ability they can give power to spells they cast as a inconcious act.

Potion Making: To give a liquid magical properties

Scrying: Locating lost objects with a crystal, probably charging the crystal with magic and focusing on finding something

Witches also have active powers, but the baseline ability is Magic. So why is it a witch like Piper can't move things with her mind? Or Phoebe shapeshift like the Stillmans It's magic they use to channel their powers right? Well why is it that witches have different powers.

Yeah I know once again, over-thinking it, but then again to each it's own right? Lol.

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