Okay so here's me thinking too much into it again haha but something's got me a little confused. Is the Power of Three literally just a power or just a generic term to refer to three magicals combining their power? Reason I ask is because on many occasions the nature of the PoT changes:

1. Stillmans and the demon women (Pilar, Patra, Phoenix) attempting to channel the Power of Three, or how

2. Patty and Grams were able to recreate the Power of Three with Piper in Forever Charmed

3. Later in the comics how they speak of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda or Phoebe's daughters "inheriting" the Power of Three.

4. The Power of Three being summoned in various spells, or how potions are fueled using the PoT-Patra being able to make a PoT potion work with its full effect.

And if it's really so generic, and any magical beings can form a Power of Three (seemingly with a common bond like the Rowe Coven), what makes the Charmed Ones so special? Sure they're descendants of a powerful bloodline but there are beings just as powerful or more-so. Is it that the Charmed One's true power isn't that of their magic (individual or collective) but rather their family knowledge (Warren Book of Shadows) and the Nexus which serves as boost for their power, explaining why they're the strongest in the manor?

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