Hey Charmed fans I'm back. Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd make another blog of my over analytical theories LOL. For a while, I had been stumbled on exactly what their powers not just witches, but demons and other magical beings really were and how their powers worked manifested blah blah blah and I've figured it out. I only care so much really for my own series but it's kinda fun making sense out of Charmed. Great show, bad consistency.


So in order to determine how they function, first we must establish what exactly a "power" is. Charmed describes powers as supernatural abilities that magical beings naturally use. What determines what power one bing possesses and one being doesn't? Well in any case you can't answer that question if you justsay oh it's a supernatural ability, specially when we're talking about magic as all magical beings possess magic all magical beings and witches should have the same magical abilities. Yes-No. Powers are merely phsyiological functions of a being that bestows them with superhuman traits which we mundanes or mortals, like to call powers. You talk about beings like mutants and you see their powers are unique only because they each have different biological functions like the celluar ability to absorb and attract electrical energies only to generate that back (Electrokinesis). But like all need energy. Well for witches and magical beings they have similar "mutations" but magic is their primary energy source.


  • Witches: Their powers are known to have been represented as glowing white mystical orbs (as seen in Season One "Power Envy" and again in "Ordinary Witches"). These power orbs is what determines their magical abilities. These orbs are naturally infused within their blood which is what differentiates between magical witches and practitioners. They serve as codes or programmers that engineers witches bodies that grant them their superhuman traits. The manner in which witches recieve these orbs could be similar to that of which humans are granted souls.
  • Magical Beings: Having been naturally comprised of magic, their bodies are naturally undergo or are designed with superhuman functions. .


Powers are known to evolve or grow. Since witches powers are derived from their "orbs"

Power Stealing

Beings like warlocks are notorius for their ability to steal the powers of witches. Warlocks can steal the orbs of witches which grants them their magical powers. When they absorb these orbs which contains the coding for the witch, they also take on the characteristics of said witch.

Power Switching

I was watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and all of a sudden, I understood it. LOL Now when witches switch powers with other witches we've seen glowing orbs rising in the air and being placed within their respective host. So a witch like Piper who's powers are externally molecular switches powers with Phoebe who's powers are psionic or psychic, they become altered to suit the powers. When witches switch powers with another supernatural being, like how Piper and Leo switched powers they are in turn transformed into their respective beings, Piper a whitelighter, and Leo a witch.

Power Granting

Power Binding

Spiritual Powers

Because spirits are incorporeal beings, their powers are obviously not phsyical or biologically based. Though spirits are known for their mystical abilities. Witch spirits keep their active powers

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