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    Okay so this blog isn't exactly Charmed related, but I could definately use some other creative juices on my side. So as you guys know, I've mentioned a series I'm writing that includes witches/warlocks, etc. So I'll admit now I kinda jacked J.K.'s whole half-blood, pure-blood thing but in my series witches and warlocks are an offshoot species, though share the common ancestors of humanity, the Neanderthals. The witches and warlocks (Homo Magi) were just a seperate evolution. But even with that witches and humans are very closely related genetically speaking that when they interbreed, the offspring are not considered "hybrids" (because most witches and warlocks would be) so that comes with the whole half-blood/pure-blood blah blah blah. Ho…

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  • MoonMage21

    Hey Charmed fans I'm back. Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd make another blog of my over analytical theories LOL. For a while, I had been stumbled on exactly what their powers not just witches, but demons and other magical beings really were and how their powers worked manifested blah blah blah and I've figured it out. I only care so much really for my own series but it's kinda fun making sense out of Charmed. Great show, bad consistency.


    So in order to determine how they function, first we must establish what exactly a "power" is. Charmed describes powers as supernatural abilities that magical beings naturally use. What determines what power one bing possesses and one being doesn't? Well in any case you can't answer that question …

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  • MoonMage21

    Back again! This will probably be my last blog post for a long while, but I was thinking about something as far as magic and powers.

    Now when you start talking about other media regarding witches, they're mostly depicted as having infinite magical abilities, just raw power which they achieve feats like telekinesis, conjuration, you know the works.

    Then you got other super-powered beings which really their abilities mostly come from some physiological/biological enhancement like superman's powers mostly come his physiological function to absorb sol into his body which charges his superhuman abilities.

    But here in the Charmed-verse, witches (and other beings) have basic powers

    Spellcasting: While truthfully not an ability they can give power to …

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  • MoonMage21

    Okay so you guys probably know I've been posting all over the different Charmed wikis asking various questions regadding certain theoretical concepts. While the series did an awesome job incorporating different ideas and mythologies from different cultures, it still never established a solid foundation on it's own basic mythology such as exactly how magic operates, how witches inherit powers, etc. For my own reasons, I've been doing tons of research into Harry Potter, thankfully for me its so popular, and I've read articles and essays regarding the biology and heritability of magic. I'm a very analytical person, so I tend to over-think, but hey one day that'll come in handy. Well after going through the different episodes and charmed works…

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  • MoonMage21

    Power of Three?

    April 12, 2012 by MoonMage21

    Okay so here's me thinking too much into it again haha but something's got me a little confused. Is the Power of Three literally just a power or just a generic term to refer to three magicals combining their power? Reason I ask is because on many occasions the nature of the PoT changes:

    1. Stillmans and the demon women (Pilar, Patra, Phoenix) attempting to channel the Power of Three, or how

    2. Patty and Grams were able to recreate the Power of Three with Piper in Forever Charmed

    3. Later in the comics how they speak of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda or Phoebe's daughters "inheriting" the Power of Three.

    4. The Power of Three being summoned in various spells, or how potions are fueled using the PoT-Patra being able to make a PoT potion work with its…

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