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  • Magic713

    If you could rewrite an entire season of Charmed, which would you choose? 

    I know this one will be obvious, but I'd go with Season 6. I'd get rid of aspects that ruin continuity like the Cleaners, or that timeline issue of Witchstock. Throw out Magic School (stupid, on-the-nose name by the way) which was clearly made following the Harry Potter trend, and either drop more hints earlier that Chris is Piper's son, or disregard that idea because it was clearly written in late in production because Holly became pregnant. And Phoebe actually embraces her Empathy power to help people instead of either fighting it or using it to further her career. There are other lame episodes that deserve to be vanquished in this season but for now this is the ge…

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  • Magic713

    In Charmed, there is usually a lot of continuity errors, mostly occuring when the episode's plot suits it. But are there some continuity errors that you thought were alright and even improved than the original continuity.

    For example, I liked Victor Bennett much more than Victor Halliwell. I thought the portrayal was more appealling.

    Now are there any changes of continuity (big or small) that you liked?

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  • Magic713

    Which of the Charmed Ones do you seem to have the most in common with?

    For me, I'm tempted to say Prue but really I'd say I am most like how Piper was in the early seasons. I am very quiet, and I'm not outspoken as my siblings. I find myself in the one trying to keep the peace when my siblings fight and I can be kinda a pushover at times with my family.

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  • Magic713

    The show after Season 3

    August 31, 2015 by Magic713

    Excluding the obvious departure of Prue and the addition of Paige (both characters who I thought were great), what happened to the show's environment after Season 3? I know that there was some serious shift on the show's texture after the third season, but I can't really explain clearly how the show seemed to changed greatly in Seasons 4-8. During Seasons 1-3, the show and its mythos felt very intriguing, but somewhere after the third season (maybe moreso after fourth), the show started to become...less intriguing, I guess. I don't really know how to explain it, but maybe someone else can explain it better than me.

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