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So basically, I was looking over pages before, and noticed how we have like hundreds of stub pages, for a character(s) that had like one minute of screen time, and there's no use having articles for them, cause basically they'll be forever a stub, which is pointless. I'm thinking of making them into one big page and have the formatting of it go something like what I did before. It'll make it so much cleaner and it'll stop the Wiki having pointless pages for characters with one line. I think User:TheBook aka User:PerryPeverell suggested a idea like this ages ago, but I can't remember. I plan on doing in by myself, cause I don't think many people would help me with it, but it's all up to the users.

This list below is used for only minor characters that had about one or two different lines in one episode.

Season One

Something Wicca This Way Comes

I've Got You Under My Skin

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