We really have way too many categories on here, a majority of them are useless and take up way to much space, for example: Piper Halliwell's page. If you scroll down to the bottom there is like thirty odd categories. I really don't think we need "Killed by a Charmed One, Charges of Leo Wyatt, Warren Witches, Baker High School, Ultimate Powers and Leo Wyatt's Magical Transformations, I also don't think we need the "Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 etc" added onto Powers, Locations, Characters etc. They should only be added to the Episode Pages. It'll look neater if we just put Main, Recurring, Regular or Guest Character on the actual character pages, like for example, Max Franklin he only appeared in one episode, so he would be a Guest Character, instead of having one for each Season and a bunch of unnecessarily Categories we really don't need. What does everyone think?

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