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Basically it's a new movie that came out yesterday or the day before. I still haven't seen it yet, but I've seen a lot of trailers about it and I've read some user reviews of it on tumblr and what not. Without even watching the movie yet, I can tell I'll be able to relate to the movie, since I've been through basically everything the main character, Taylor (Played by Emily Osment) has been through.

Ironically, it all started with getting bullied at school, which eventually lead to be it being online as well, so really hard to escape that kind of crap. So yeah, basically; it just sends one meaningful message to everyone. Don't bully other people, be it in real life or online. It doesn't make you cool or whatever you want to be in life. It's pathetic and words hurt everyone even though no one ones to admit it, it's true. Plain and the simple really, just don't do it, it doesn't make you better then anyone else.

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