I know we only saw Intuition as a sub-power of Premonition because at the time Phoebe only had that power at her disposal but shouldnt it be considered as a sub-power of other psychic abilities like Empathy and Telepathy. If Intuition covers the ability to sense the truth/evil or predict attacks then Phoebe's Empathy can also access Intuition. Phoebe hasnt actually used Empathic Intuition to sense and avoid oncoming attacks and it would be a more passive way to use Empathy instead of simply deflecting the power but shouldnt the possibility be noted on this page and also added as a sub-power of Empathy or at least mention Intuition not as a sub-power of Premonition but as another one of her abilities on her page. In my opinion if she can sense the anger needed to activate the power and later the power itself then she should be able to tell its trajectory also.

What does everyone else think.

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