• Kt111

    Similarity with powers

    July 3, 2013 by Kt111

    I posted this recently but does anyone else notice the similarity with the charmed ones powers. Like Telekinetic Levitation and Levitation, ATK and MC, ATKO and MC, MC and TK, Sensing and Premonition based Enhanced Intuition, Sensing and Empathy, AProjection and APremonition. I just miss the days when the sisters personalities and powers were made to be very distinctive. Granted it's obvious that they should develop their personalities and powers for better overall character evolution but I do still miss it.


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  • Kt111


    January 4, 2013 by Kt111

    I know we only saw Intuition as a sub-power of Premonition because at the time Phoebe only had that power at her disposal but shouldnt it be considered as a sub-power of other psychic abilities like Empathy and Telepathy. If Intuition covers the ability to sense the truth/evil or predict attacks then Phoebe's Empathy can also access Intuition. Phoebe hasnt actually used Empathic Intuition to sense and avoid oncoming attacks and it would be a more passive way to use Empathy instead of simply deflecting the power but shouldnt the possibility be noted on this page and also added as a sub-power of Empathy or at least mention Intuition not as a sub-power of Premonition but as another one of her abilities on her page. In my opinion if she can se…

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  • Kt111

    Empathy & Pathokinesis

    October 28, 2011 by Kt111

    Who else thinks that the powers of Empathy and Pathokinesis is really underdeveloped. We see demons like Barbas and Andras using emotions to kill or attack the sisters and we know that emotions are the basis of every power, so shouldnt the abilities to feel and to manipulate emotions be really explored. Emotions are what makes witches human and part of the reason why demons want to kill them since they believe the ability to feel emotions to be a sign of weakness. I think Phoebe or one of the charmed children should develop the ability to create Empathic Illusions by focusing on or manipulating their victims emotions and altering their perceptions of reality or simply projecting emotions onto others. That way they can experience or suffer …

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  • Kt111

    Reading about Piper's possible powers I thought about the rest of the sisters. Paige is difficult to predict because of her whitelighter half and I think Prue would have had Projection being the oldest sister.

    Phoebe's powers could advance into:

    • Because of her Premonitions and Astral Premonitions she could develop Astral Teleportation the ability to teleport or project herself in her premonitions to use her powers to possibly change the outcome.
    • Empathic Healing and Regeneration: the ability to heal others by absorbing their pain and wounds. And heal herself by transfering the wound and pain to someone else (demon).
    • Empathic Mimicry: an enhanced version of channeling. She can copy powers and later reproduce them.
    • Empathic Weather Manipulation o…

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