So here's a few questions:

At the end of Season 5, Chris came back from the future saying that the titans rule in the future and he does what needs to be done so Piper can vanquish the titans.

But in Season 6 it's revealed that what Chris came back to stop was Wyatt turning evil, meaning the Titans would have already had to be defeated in the original timeline.

Also, the Order is specifically out to turn Wyatt evil, and with Chris's help, the Order is vanquished. Yet, next episode, they're pretty sure it wasn't the Order that turned Wyatt evil. But how did they know it wasn't them? I mean, of course we know who it really was, but still.

This would also mean that the Order would have had to be stopped and vanquished in the original timeline as well.

So, my question is, how did they defeat the Titans and the Order in the original timeline?

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