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    So here's a few questions:

    At the end of Season 5, Chris came back from the future saying that the titans rule in the future and he does what needs to be done so Piper can vanquish the titans.

    But in Season 6 it's revealed that what Chris came back to stop was Wyatt turning evil, meaning the Titans would have already had to be defeated in the original timeline.

    Also, the Order is specifically out to turn Wyatt evil, and with Chris's help, the Order is vanquished. Yet, next episode, they're pretty sure it wasn't the Order that turned Wyatt evil. But how did they know it wasn't them? I mean, of course we know who it really was, but still.

    This would also mean that the Order would have had to be stopped and vanquished in the original timeline as …

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  • KillRoy231

    I notice similarities between the villains of Charmed and Buffy and the order in which they appeared:

    The first main villains are the Source of All Evil and The Master. They look and sound kinda similar and are the leader of an evil race and known only by their title. Though a difference is, the Master was killed at the end of the first season, which was the shortest, while the Source took three seasons to appear in person and another half a season to kill him. Also, an attempt was made to resurrect both, though only in the Source's case was this successful, though he was quickly re-killed in the same episode

    The second main villains are The Seer and Drusilla. Aside from the fact that they're both female, they also unofficially take command …

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    September 5, 2015 by KillRoy231

    Here are a few polls:

    (lol polls work best in Source Mode)

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    (contains spoilers for final episode)

    Maybe I'm missing something about the whole time travel thing but something has been bugging me:

    So, Christy and Dumain travel back in time and appear before the Triad and Dumain, so there's two Dumains at once. Then the Charmed Ones and Billie appear from the future, and the Charmed Ones destroy the Triad before Piper destroys Dumain and Past Dumain, then Billie has to kill Christy.

    But, only the present Christy was killed, what about the past Christy that would be somewhere else? Piper had to kill both Dumains, does that mean Christy of the past is still alive? Or would she disappear when time caught up with itself?

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