I have been meaning to do this for a while now but I have not got around to it. I think the only way to finally get people's thought and opinions on the name of the power article Havokinesis and whether it should be moved to a more simple name like Advanced Telekinesis. Arguing is forbidden just a simple "Yes or No" and a little comment.

Reasons for Havokinesis

It is called Havokinesis at the moment because this is the actual name of the power. More into the power than Charmed.

Reasons for Advanced Telekinesis

It would be called Advanced Telekinesis because this is what you can see. A very powerful form of Telekinesis. This is more into Charmed then the power.

So please just a simple vote so we clear this up.

Current Score

  • Havokinesis: 2
  • Advanced Telekinesis: 11

End of the line

This vote is very short and finishes Wednesday 25th May.


Votes are in, 11-2 to Advanced Telekinesis.

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