I and some other admins are very concerned about what is going on, on this wiki.

  1. Continuous debates about things that are staying the way they are.
  2. No editing is happening!
  3. Users are ignoring the admins and even the Bureaucrats!
  4. No one is getting along.

This wiki at the moment is not very good. I am not afraid to say that. We have been active for many years now, but constant arguments and petty votes are getting in the way of making this wiki fabulous. People want things their own way but they have to learn that sometimes they are wrong and that they cannot get what they want all the time. The Pathokinesis page is going to back to its original. We are reseting things to get everything back to normal. If these silly arguments continue the admins and Bureaucrats will step in and start doing somethings that will upset us all.

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