Hi everyone

I decided to make a story about Prue's afterlife. What could have happend to her when she was dead in her afterlife? Enjoy my story and please comment it.

I was not sure where I was. Nothing in this place seemed familiar to me. I diddnt knew what was happend, or what was supposed to happen. I didnt saw any other being's.' I started to walk, I could not bear not to stand alone watching to When I was walking I started to hear something. I looked arround but the place was still empty. Fog began to raise out of nothing. I moved my hand threw it, and then I thought I was going crazy : the fog moved. I..I..I moved it. A short flash of a memorry entered my mind. I saw.. I think, now I kew it was me who was fighting against someting with two other woman. Pipper and Phoebe, echoed through my head. I started to remeber more and more : My name is Prudence Halliwell, but everyone calls my Prue. I am 30 years old, and I am the oldest off three sisters. I am a telekinetic witch and I fight with my sisters against ....demons and warlocks. My sisters are named Piper and Phoebe.

''Piper, Phoebe where are you. I sarted to call. Now answer.

'Piper, Phoebe where are you, Leo. I called. 'Now answer again. I started to run.

'Piperrrrrrrrr, Phoeeeeebeeeee, Leeeeeeoooo. Still now aswer. I started to cry. I never thought I would felt so lonely.

Somebody help me I called. I fell down. The tears dripped down my face.

A grey fog appeard. An elderly woman stapped foreward.

Grams, I am so happy to see you. I stepped foreward and embraced her. 'Strange, I could touch her.

Oh Prue, I am so gladd that I see you, and I feel so sorry for you. Grams said.

What are you talking about Grams'. I diddn't understound her.

'Oh Prue, I just... '. Grams stopped talking. Another grey fog appeard. A second much younger woman walked in our direction. I recognized her when I saw her.

Mom...Mom I missed you so much. The tears were dripping from my eyes and st reamed down my face. 'I ran to her and she poot her arms around me.

My dear Prue, My beatyfull strong Prue, I feel so much sorry. There were tears dripping from her eyes as well, they landed on my head.

I don't understand where you are talking about. I felt confused, I could toch both Mom and Gramms, but they are ghosts/spirits and they sounded so...sad.

Sweetie, what is the last thing that you remember before you came her. Mom stopped with embracing me she stapped back. What where they talking about? I was getting more and more confused the more time I was here, and I hatted that feeling.

Then there was another flasback much stronger then the other one. Me and Piper lead' a man...Doctor Griffiths threw the front door of our house. A kind off tornado enters the house. The tornado turns into a blue/white/grey ..demon...SHAX. He is about to blast Griffiths but I pushed him away and I get blast out of the wall. He does the same thing with Piper. But 'Phoebe, wheres Phoebe? And Leo? Or even Cole. Me and Piper are laying on the ground, unconscious, and have a lot of wounds, and no one to heal us. And then I realized what was happend. I am .....dead.

Noooooooooooooooo noooooooooooo nooooooooo. I started to scream. I felt so many emotions. I couldn 't ''believe it. I can't be true. I can't be dead. There was only one thing exepet that going on in my head : Piper. She was just like me, deadly injured.

Mom, where's Piper. I 'looked around, but there was no other grey fog.

She survived it. Leo was showing up in time for her to heal her, but... . Mom stopped with talking. Grams looked at me, emotionless'.

...Not on time to heal both of us, so he healed his wife. I understood it.

Piper is save now, just like Phoebe is. Grams said it like she found it difficult to keep from crying.

I need to go now, Prue your sisters are calling. Grams disappeard. Mum looked at me.

Prue, please we can't stay here we need to go...Prue. Mum didn't knew what to say. I took her hand, and we disapeard from wherever we were. I clossed my eyes.

We reappeard at some kind of big mainsion garden. The mansion was beatyfull, Id never seen such a beutyfull house.

I opend my eyes. This is what they call heaven. I need to go now, unless you need me just call. You can stay here, if you want to, and if the other is okay with it. Mum pointed at somone that I couldn't see.

Goodbye Prue, we will see eachother soon again. Mum hugged me, looked at me and disapperead.

Prue? Prue? The one mum pointed at run at my direction. I recodnisded him immediately : Andy!

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