Just a Witch

aka Kim

  • I live in in my house, next to my neighbors
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is being me, I get paid for it
  • I am Female
  • Just a Witch

    Hi everyone

    I decided to make a story about Prue's afterlife. What could have happend to her when she was dead in her afterlife? Enjoy my story and please comment it.

    I was not sure where I was. Nothing in this place seemed familiar to me. I diddnt knew what was happend, or what was supposed to happen. I didnt saw any other being's.' I started to walk, I could not bear not to stand alone watching to When I was walking I started to hear something. I looked arround but the place was still empty. Fog began to raise out of nothing. I moved my hand threw it, and then I thought I was going crazy : the fog moved. I..I..I moved it. A short flash of a memorry entered my mind. I saw.. I think, now I kew it was me who was fighting against s…

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