Well Charmed is very good show im only 15 and i watch it every moring at 7:00 o clock it very amazing but cole sometimes i worry about phoebe and him he is the source of all evil and then he gets vaquished that was kinda messed up but hey.. who is to blame you do bad and just serve the punishment put i really think they should give piper and leo a break but their love story goes on and paige what about her she is a free spirt and she really hasnt setled down yet but has no boyfriend but the one i really miss is my strong girl prue she was the one who gave them their hope their direction and so did leo ilovee leo and piperr and paige and prue and phoebe and darell the one who saves them the most my favorite epidode well i dont have one but their all very this is Jaela Walters Bye Hope Youu Likk My Review........

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