The Warren family tree as I make it, including information and individuals from various Charmed novels and, from Charlotte Warren up, emtirely the family tree first seen in Pardon My Past.

Note that all underlined individuals appear only in the novel series

              William Warren
              Melinda Jackson
          |                                         |
    Prudence Warren                           -ford Warren       
     Robert Manors                           Viola Thompson   
          |                                         |
   ----------------                          ---------------
   |              |                          |             |
? Manors   Elizabeth Manors             Jack Warren   Alice Warren
                                                  Joseph Litchfield
                             |                               |
                      Emma Litchfield               Joseph Litchfield Jr.
                     Michael Williamson                 Lilah Smith
                             |                               |
                 ---------------------------            ------------------------
                 |                         |            |           |          |
        Michael Williamson Jr.      Alan Williamson  Alice L.   Joseph L.   Harlan L.
            Clare Sanders
            |                                  |                 |          
    Derek Williamson                    Paul Williamson    Theodore Williamson
     Michelle Potter                     Lenora Thomas
            |                                  |
--------------------               -----------------------------
|                  |               |                           |
Stephen          Curtis   Luciana Williamson        Maxwell Williamson
                           Michael Warren
         |                           |
  Charlotte Warren              Aviva Warren
  Lawrence Cutler
  Prudence Warren
 Michael Wentworth
Cassandra Wentworth
   ??? Bousquet
         |                          |
   Pamela Bousquet            ??? Bousquet
       Qualmor                ??? Halliwell
       |                            |                        |
Brianna Halliwell           Philippa Halliwell        Agnes Halliwell
 Gordon Russell               Redmore Baxter           Gregory Bowen
       |                            |                        |
   P. Russell                   P. Baxter                P. Bowen
                              Gordon Johnson
                             Penelope Johnson
                              Allen Halliwell
                            Patricia Halliwell
                               Victor Bennet


Bowen, Baxter and Russell's parents

  • Given that Brianna was the great-great-great-aunt of the Charmed Ones, she must have been the mother of either P. Bowen or P. Russell. In Mirror Image, Agnes, the sisters' other great-great-great-aunt (making her Brianna's sister and confirming her surname as "Halliwell"), is mentioned as being the youngest sister. Taking into account the order in which Baxter, Bowen and Russell appear on the tree, this would make Brianna the mother of Russell and Agnes the mother of Bowen, while Philippa, the third sister and the only one not mentioned to be a great-great-great-aunt, must be the mother of P. Baxter.

Mr. Bousquet a witch?

  • Pamela Bousquet possessed the powers of invisibility and telepathy. She could not have inherited them from her mother's side (as Michael Wentworth was mortal), so her father (and that of Agnes's mother) was probably a witch.

Pamela Bousquet

  • Pamela Bousquet's relation to the Warren family is not explicitly stated in Seasons of the Witch. As she was a magical witch (and that she lived during the 18th century), she was certainly descended from Melinda Warren. She could not have been Melinda's daughter because Melinda had only one daughter (Prudence). She could not have been Prudence's daughter because Prudence and Michael Wentworth had only one child, Cassandra. Cassandra's children were never mentioned, leaving a gap between Cassandra and Brianna, Philippa and Agnes's generation. This is the only place where Pamela can fit, but it also makes sense given that she died in the French Revolution (1790s). However, given Agnes's age and the fact that Pamela married Qualmor, Pamela could not be the mother of the first Halliwell sisters, but must, instead be their aunt.

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