I don't mean this in an insulting way, but I find the teenagers just discovering Charmed and editing on many Charmed wikis to be applying ideas from teen shows like Secret Circle or Vampire Diaries, etc to Charmed. Such as with powers. That's not really a big deal but the way I see things is that Charmed was the first show to delve into witchcraft and demonology. Sure there was Sabrina and Passions, but the ideas were more made up, not investigated. New witch shows, in my opinion especially Secret Circle have taken ideas from Charmed and added childish spins to Charmed themes to appeal to young kids/teens. I have no idea where I am going with this blog but it's like the comparisons between Gaga and Madonna. Young people always compare the two because Madonna, Britney, Christina, etc is all they know. They haven't looked into music, fashion, etc prior to the 80's and think Madonna was the personification of innovation. But when you actually look beyond Madonna into the generations before her, such as Bridget Bordot, Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, etc. you'll see Madonna wasn't as innovative as people like to believe.

It's just my opinion, but Charmed was and remains much more realistic to me that Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc. I think it's because so many characters were rooted in mythology along with the realistic perspective into the sisters' lives. It was more human, the way the sisters always tried to pursue their human wants rather than supernatural aspects made it more real.

The Charmed Universe is the Charmed Universe, applying things from science or ideas from other shows should be kept out of the CHARMED UNIVERSE.

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