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    Hi guys, it's me here, obviously. Let me just start off by saying that I don't really do blogs. I haven't really tried, and it's always been uncharted territory for me... because I choose it to be. I don't really like blogs. But, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. And even though I'm a great writer and I enjoy writing, don't expect this to be a stellar blog. It'll most likely be awkwardly written, especially since I feel like I'm talking to no one, which is VERY different from talking to yourself (to me it is.) Ok, down to business. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I kinda took a break from the wikia because it was just one too many things I had to juggle over the summer, along with summer homework (the school AND parent variety), chor…

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  • ForeverCharmedBellatrix11

    Hello, I just wanted to discuss something with any wikia users that are interested.

    I was editing Battle of the Hexes and I wanted to use the script as one of my references. I was surprised to find that the page didn't exist. Now I know that there are a lot of pages on the wikia that need adding to, but MOST of those pages are stubs of extras or minor actors. I think it would be a bit fair to say that an episode script has a lot more importance than that. I'm not sure if thare are other episode scripts that don't exist, but either way they are still very significant. My point is it would be great if someone could take a look at that and fix it. I would do it myself, but I'm not very good at editing/writing episode scripts, and I'm afraid I'…

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