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Fanycharmed September 15, 2011 User blog:Fanycharmed

I have a Twitter for a while but I wasn't really active there. Actually I wrote my fisrt tweet on 1st September. Since then I wrote couple of tweets to Alyssa Milano, but today happened weird and interesting thing to me. I was looking to her twitter and suddenly she wrote a tweet. "She's online,' I thought. I remembered she wrote "I tweet as I feed." two days ago and "Feeding time for Baby Milo. Thinking of all you mamma's out there with raw nipples." 11 days ago. Opportunity knocked, and I did answer. I signed in and wrote tweet to her.

"You're tweeting. Are you feeding now? :) How are your nipples doing? Any better or still hurt?" I wrote to her. And in the next minute... I saw the answer - from her.

"Yup! Feeding!" Alyssa wrote to me, "They are much better!"

I was so glad and happy when I saw her tweet. I guess today is one of the best days in my life. Twitter made possible for me to "talk" with Alyssa Milano, Charmed star. I don't know if I will ever meet any of them, but if I won't, there is still a chance for me to contact them and get a respond. This is why I think that Twitter is a gift.

Did you write some tweet to any Charmed cast? Did some of them responded you? How did you feel?

P.S.: It's actually very funny - I "talked" with Alyssa Milano and it was about her nipples. I can't imagine ever seeing some star on the street, going to the one and asking "How are your nipples doing? Do they hurt?"

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