Who you think that is the most powerful witch in the Charmedverse ?

Including every witch good or evil (alive/spirit/deceased) !

Add your top 10 list

My Top 10 list

1. Neena : who can be more powerful than the first witch? Neena has too many powerful powers such as Geokinesis and pyrokinesis. (Neena's powers are currently bound so the first title is for Piper)

1. Piper Halliwell : A charmed One with the power to manipulate the molecules(Freeze, slow down, explode and fire/melting things) which is one of the most poweful powers. Also she is the eldest sister of the Charmed, can wield Excalibur and can make very powerful potions.

2. Wyatt Halliwell: The prophesied child son of a charmed one and a whitelighter! Wyatt has the most powerful powers (deffensive: shielding, offensive: energy waves, pyrokinesis etc. , suppotive: projection, transportation: orbing, helpful: Healing and many other powers (including the power to wield excalibur)!

3. Paige Matthews: A charmed One (witch/whitelighter) with the powers of Telekinetic orbing, Shielding, Orbing and Healing(very helpful)! Paige has many powers due to her whitelighter side and can do many things with them.

4. Billie Jenkins: A powerful witch with the powers of telekinesis and projection. Due to projection Billie has too many sub-powers.

5. Phoebe Halliwell: A Charmed One (witch/Empath) with the psychic powers! Phoebe is master in karate and her powers are very helpful. Due to her power of empathy, she can be very powerful! Also she wrote one of the most powerful spells.

6. Melinda Warren: One of the most powerful witches with the warren powers of: Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization and Premonition.

7. Prue Halliwell: An ex-Charmed One with the powers of Telekinesis and Astral projection! (the seventh place went to prue because she isnt any more charmed one) Also she has Agility and can fight very well.

8. Christy Jenkins: A powerful witch/firestarter with the powerful power of Telepathy andPyrokinesis!

9. Bianca: A phoenix witch with many powers including energy balls and fading.

Also in 9. Penny Halliwell: A powerful witch with the power of (Advanced) Telekinesis! Also a great potion maker.

10. Chris Halliwell: A son of a charmed one and a whitelighter with the power of telekinesis (normal tel./and tel.orbing) and the other whitelighters powers.

Also in 10. Phoebe Bowen: A very powerful witch with the power of Cryokinesis.

This is my top 10 list!

I didn't add any other charmed child because we didn't see them in the future how they will be, like Wyatt and Chris.

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