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Piper's possible advancements of her powers

Choose your favorite power that want you to has Piper:

Molecular Immobilization Advancements:

1) Temporal Stasis:with this power Piper can froze anything and stop the running time.

2) Molecular Inhibition/Ice Stasis: with this power Piper can crystalize objects and beings, encapsulating them in ice.

3) Cryokinesis: Molecular Inhibition could advanced in cryokinesis so Piper could create ice or extreme cold.

4) Hydrokinesis: piper could slow down the molecules to create water instead of ice.

5) Chronokinesis: Piper can slow the molecules so she can move in time and go back to the past.

Molecular Combustion Advancements:

1) Molecular Dispersion: the molecules are ripped apart but without any combustion.

2) Energy Waves: like her son Wyatt, she can create a powerful energy wave come from her hands.

3) Chronokinesis: she can speed up the molecules so she can move in time and go to the future.

Molecular Acceleration Advancements: mol. acceleration is more advanced version of boiling blood and thermokinesis so piper has this two powers.

1) Incineration: the ability to kill someone by setting them on fire.

2) Pyrokinesis: mol. acceleration's next level is pyrokinesis so piper could create and manipulate fire.

Other Advancements:

1) shredding: with this power piper can teleport, using the molecules.

2) Intangibility: with this power can phasing. the fire/energy balls or other powers couldn't hurt her and she can walking though walls.

3) Super Speed: with this power can run very fast so anyone could hurt her. she can combinate this power with martial arts.

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