There was a contest in E! online where the people could vote about their favorite witch or wizard character of all movies and tv series (lords of the rings, harry potter, charmed, buffy the vampire slayer etc.)! The Halliwell Sisters were there. Phoebe and Paige didn't make it in round one but Piper and Prue went on the second round. In the second round Prue didn't make it but Piper did! Piper make it on third round but on the fourth round she lost by Hermione Granger. Piper Halliwell finished fifth in the voting with harry and hermione first!

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I love that there are such a lot fans of Charmed and i really like that all of those people didnt forget the Charmed and vote for it. Also Piper make it she is fifth near harry potter's actors!!! I hope that all the charmed fans will smile when all of us here read it!

Also you can see in Holly's profile in imbd for more information and pictures and you can go in E! online also!