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  • Excalibur90

    I found a site that released issue 23 previews! This is the site:

    The pictures have many spoilers... I can't wait to read it!

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  • Excalibur90

    The most powerful witch

    November 13, 2011 by Excalibur90

    Who you think that is the most powerful witch in the Charmedverse ?

    Including every witch good or evil (alive/spirit/deceased) !

    1. Neena : who can be more powerful than the first witch? Neena has too many powerful powers such as Geokinesis and pyrokinesis. (Neena's powers are currently bound so the first title is for Piper)

    1. Piper Halliwell : A charmed One with the power to manipulate the molecules(Freeze, slow down, explode and fire/melting things) which is one of the most poweful powers. Also she is the eldest sister of the Charmed, can wield Excalibur and can make very powerful potions.

    2. Wyatt Halliwell: The prophesied child son of a charmed one and a whitelighter! Wyatt has the most powerful powers (deffensive: shielding, offensive: e…

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  • Excalibur90

    Rose is amazing as Marique!!! I hope that she will has a big role in Conan and many powers to used! I can't wait to see Conan...... See the pictures of Rose as Marique! i hope that this movie go very well and i hope to see Rose more and more in these movies!

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  • Excalibur90

    There was a contest in E! online where the people could vote about their favorite witch or wizard character of all movies and tv series (lords of the rings, harry potter, charmed, buffy the vampire slayer etc.)! The Halliwell Sisters were there. Phoebe and Paige didn't make it in round one but Piper and Prue went on the second round. In the second round Prue didn't make it but Piper did! Piper make it on third round but on the fourth round she lost by Hermione Granger. Piper Halliwell finished fifth in the voting with harry and hermione first!

    I love that there are such a lot fans of Charmed and i really like that all of those people didnt forget the Charmed and vote for it. Also Piper make it she is fifth near harry potter's actors!!! I ho…

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  • Excalibur90

    Choose your favorite power that want you to has Piper:

    Molecular Immobilization Advancements:

    1) Temporal Stasis:with this power Piper can froze anything and stop the running time.

    2) Molecular Inhibition/Ice Stasis: with this power Piper can crystalize objects and beings, encapsulating them in ice.

    3) Cryokinesis: Molecular Inhibition could advanced in cryokinesis so Piper could create ice or extreme cold.

    4) Hydrokinesis: piper could slow down the molecules to create water instead of ice.

    5) Chronokinesis: Piper can slow the molecules so she can move in time and go back to the past.

    Molecular Combustion Advancements:

    1) Molecular Dispersion: the molecules are ripped apart but without any combustion.

    2) Energy Waves: like her son Wyatt, she …

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