Have it ever occured to anyone who Phoebe powers are so versatile, they can be seen as good or evil. It like if she would pretend to be a demon she would fit right in. Her power have evil sides to them. Well except Empathy. Premonition, will it just that she could be seen as a seer. Levitation, most high level evil being have it-like when they are knocked down they get back up. Empathy, not to evil-except the channeling- but the Pathokinesis side is , She can use so many demonic powers with it Fear, Anger, 7 sin ect. I was just wondering is this on purpose with her being easily persuaded to evil, so if she was to go evil again, which probaly wont happen, she wont have to change powers again and maybe gain pyrokinesis. Maybe the Nexus had something to do with her powers, and Wyatts but the whitelighter in him kind off cancels make his powers a bit angelic.

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