Eric Jenkins

aka Melinda Halliwell

  • I live in San Francisco
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • Eric Jenkins

    Hi guys, I'm working on a Tuatha mini-series and I'm working on the cover.

    I was thinking about giving her a dark past, as she was a good witch turned evil. I'm thinking about having her active power be something like the ability to store her power...while having trouble releasing it in a controlled manner, so maybe her power is projection (but more like sabrina spellman, than Billie). and having good witches betray her in some way, and her descendants actually being the chosen one, which is why she didn't seem to want to hurt Kyle. Maybe a witch hunter or noble man forced her to produce more powerful heir. And having her be so powerful because she cast a spell to channel all of her past generation magic and future generation power into her…

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Okay so we seen that the Charmed One will eventually grow into super all powerful witch (possibly Invincible). But what do you guys think their ultimate form will be like?

    Paige would probably be like Wyatt (Twiced Blessed) Maybe like a Pregnant Piper with her orb shields, possibly self healing ?

    Piper was able to manipulate Molecules with her mind? So she is basically a marvel level Omega Pheonix type mutant. She probably can even reconstitute herself.

    Phoebe could just fly -.-' (So much wasted potential) But she will eventually turn into what Kyra is (in terms of vision). And her empathy abilities will probably be on par with her Goddess incarnation but with all emotions, not to mention the mimicry and psychic reflection. 

    Prue would probabl…

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Phoebe Spell Casting

    October 16, 2016 by Eric Jenkins

    Did she cast a spell to summon Grams in the episode The Magic Hour. She technically did a rhymed, and it was a poem.She could've unintentionally summon Grams, and Grams words afterwards seems to suggest that she  did. 

    "I curse you, you curse me, let's get together and do a little cursing."

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Why didn't she go insane, from Phoebe's Empathy?

    Why didn;t she constantly blow up things? I get her control on the other powers, though Piper's trigger for MC and TK are the same so I understand that, but the Empathy power is still unanswered. Perhaps she develope her sister's resistance too, because she technically had the Power of 3 in her

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  • Eric Jenkins

    Is current Prue pretty much on the same level she would have been had she lived. Let's be honest, he powers seemed to be heading in this direction anyway.

    What do you guys think?

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