• Dyego Halliwell

    Attention to everyone

    Since it's already April 3rd, most probaly 4th for everyone else on the wiki, the vote has ended.

    The CW Community has voted, and since majority rules, the option that won is: NO. The list won't be added, instead it will stay as a blog, and the article The P Tradition will stay as it is

    A list of the users that oppose to the re-creation of the mentioned article.

    • Dyego Halliwell (talk)
    • PerryPeverell (talk)
    • Twerdette (talk)
    • PrueForever (talk)
    • Thewriter92 (talk)

    A list of users who support the re-creation of the mentioned article

    • KhanWiz (talk)
    • Witchlighter (talk)
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  • Dyego Halliwell


    February 25, 2011 by Dyego Halliwell

    Hi everyone

    I was thinking, if the sisters had a teleport method based on their powers, what kind of teleport do you think they'll have?

    My thoughts are:

    • Piper Halliwell - Shredding (based on Molecular Combustion)
    • Phoebe Halliwell - Sparkling or Beaming (based on the red sparks that represented Phoebe's Empathy on Valhalley of the Dolls)
    • Prue Halliwell - Fading (based on Astral Projection)
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