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Favorite Kerr Smith Movie?

Dsc385 April 10, 2011 User blog:Dsc385

Kerr Smith portrayed Kyle Brody:

KerrSmith Charmexd

What is your favorite Kerr Smith movie? Mine are THE FORSAKEN, CRUEL INTENTIONS 3 and My Bloody Valentine ..... Broken Hearts Club is good too.

KerrSmith Forsaken2
KerrSmith Forsaken4
KerrSmith Forsaken5
KerrSmith CruelIntentions01
KerrSmith CruelIntentions02
KerrSmith CruelIntentions03
KerrSmith BloodyValentine1
KerrSmith BloodyValentine2
KerrSmith BloodyValentine3
KerrSmith BloodyValentine4
Kerr Smith BrokenHeartsClub

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